About Your Trainer

I’m Evan Zingman, founder of Z Physique. I’ve been a NSCA Certified Personal Trainer since 2009 and in that time I’ve educated and encouraged hundreds of men and women to take back their health and fitness, so that they can live the life they truly want.

Whether you’re a beginner, looking to lose weight, or want to increase your fitness and strength to take your lifestyle to the next level, my signature programs can help you reach your goals. My workouts will help you become fitter, stronger, and more confident at home. And my nutritional advice and guidance will help you learn to burn fat more efficiently, choose the right foods for your body, and restore your health.

My programs are flexible, so you can choose where you want to work out and which eating plans work best for your life! You’ll learn how to train to get lean and healthy through regular workouts. And you’ll discover powerful tools that help you turn your body into a fat burning machine.

You’ll also go beyond traditional fitness to incorporate proven meditation and stress reducing techniques, natural health alternatives and more that build the foundation of your health for life.

Since I’m always adding new content and videos monthly, my programs are built to grow with you. This means that you’ll always be progressing, reaching new goals and even better levels of health.

As a bonus when you join, I'm always just an email, text, FaceTime, or phone call away for personal service and advice.

Join me today and let’s make your health and fitness goals a reality.



Evan Zingman NSCA-CPT, B.S
Founder of Z Physique, LLC

Are you finally ready to make some changes?

Are you ready to...

Finally change the quality of your health and life?

Are you tired of...

Being “tired” and looking to increase your energy level?

Have you tried...

Lots of different programs, pills and powders with no results?

Would you like...

To manage and control your weight… FOREVER?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you’re in the right place!

If you’re like most people, you’ve already been through many ups and downs with your health, including the Yo-Yo diet plans and the “I am going to start on Monday” broken self-promises.

At Z Physique, we understand all the private conversations that take place in your head. The ones you’d never share — with anybody.

Yes, those ones.

But, today — right now — none of those past experiences, negative self-talk or limiting beliefs matter.

  • Listen, you can CHOOSE a different path.
  • You can CHOOSE a path that inspires you and ignites your soul.
  • You can CHOOSE a path that will EMPOWER YOU.
  • Your personal journey utilizing Z Physique's programs and apps will help you gain insight as to how your physical being affects your mental and emotional being as well.
employee wellness programs Gilbert, AZ

Why Employee Wellness Programs are More Active, Healthy, and Productive in the Workforce


Healthy employees are happy employees. Aside from giving your employees the right compensation, promoting good health will improve their productivity and appreciation of their workplace. Z Physique's employee wellness programs in Gilbert, AZ, is an excellent choice for employers looking to up the ante of their workplace.

Online weight loss programs like Z Physique are convenient and flexible enough to match the busy schedules of corporate work. Z Physique offers an exclusive corporate wellness program in Gilbert, AZ.

Almost 80% of the U.S. workforce has at least one chronic condition. This leads to a total loss of $1 trillion annually across American businesses.

corporate wellness program Gilbert, AZGet Z Physique for your employees now!

In the exclusive Employee Wellness Membership, your workforce will have full access to the Z Physique's Onboard 101, Z Fit Studio app and Z Physique Online Courses. Not just that. Your employees will also enjoy the following perks:

*Email support directly from an NSCA-certified personal trainer

*Certification of Completion

*Exclusive Private Facebook Group

*Nutrition and exercise routine content

*Checklists and action guides

*Recipes and instructional videos

*Fitness and Nutrition ebooks

*More bonus material!

No other online weight loss programs can provide such a well-rounded package for your employees. Z Physique is a one-stop option that will give your employees all they need to stay in shape.

Instead of just engaging your employees on a 9-5 basis, you can do more with Z Physique's corporate wellness program in Gilbert, AZ. It's very affordable, inclusive, and crafted for the lifestyle of corporate America.

how to lose weight

Benefits of Incorporating Employee Wellness Programs

Reduce absenteeism

Are your employees calling in sick too often? They may not be getting enough exercise and nutrition due to their busy schedules. It will help if you encourage them to sign up for online employee wellness programs in Gilbert, AZ. Aside from keeping them active, exercising regularly will also boost their immune system to fight off the threats of various illnesses.

Boost employee morale

A weight-loss membership can make your employees feel valued and cared for in your company. As a result, they may be more motivated to work harder and meet quotas. It will also boost the camaraderie between your employees as they share each other's progress. Also, your employees will be each other's support group on how to lose weight.

effective employee wellness programsBoost productivity

With fewer sick days and increased morale, your employees will be more inspired and ready to do their jobs. It translates to better productivity for your company. This is an essential factor for growth and expansion.

Increase employee retention

Increased turnover is due to the failure of a company to take care of their employees. To prevent this from happening in your business, you can consider using online employee wellness programs in Gilbert, AZ. This added perk will not just keep your employees in great shape, but it will also boost their loyalty to your company.

Employee wellness programs aren't created equal

Take note that weight loss membership plans aren't created equal. Some have lofty promises that are too-good-to-be-true. But with Z Physique, you'll get a well-crafted, practical, and flexible plan for your employees. It gives them the freedom to work out and revamp their lifestyle at their own pace.

online weight loss programsHow to Get the Most Suitable Online Weight Loss Program for You

Know your needs

Before you browse different online weight loss programs, make sure that you know exactly what you need. Jot down your goals, your body type, and the type of routines you can manage. This way, you won't have to choose between routines that aren't right for your body.

Look for trustworthy programs

Avoid shady programs that ask you to starve or commit to drastic changes in your lifestyle. Remember that a legitimate weight loss membership should introduce change slowly. This way, your body can adjust accordingly without compromising your health. Also, avoid crash diets as it never does any good to anyone.

weight loss membership

Ask for a customized routine

A customized routine is a great way to lose weight. A wellness expert will adjust the routines and nutrition of the program to suit your needs. Also, if you have a health condition or dietary restrictions, you must seek a customized routine.

Lose weight at your own pace

The common problem of some online weight loss programs is they demand too much time from the member. So if you’re working, look for a routine that you can do at your own pace. This way, you wouldn’t have to sacrifice your health for the sake of shedding pounds.

Consider the cost

Last but not least, always consider the cost of the program. For someone who is budget conscious, Z Physique is a great option. You can now start your weight loss journey for as low as $9 a month!


online fitness membership

Do Online Fitness Programs Really Work?

When it comes to an online fitness membership, many wonder if it's worth splurging out for. With free exercise drills readily available online, some think that paying for a membership is a waste of money. Still, knowing how to lose weight or get in shape properly isn't easy. You need a professional guide, and you can only access one through an online membership.

A fitness membership includes a fresh supply of content and instructions each week. At Z Physique, you will have access to a full library of exercise routines, recipes, tips, and more for just a small price. You will also have a community to back you up on your fitness journey.

Instead of working out without clear results, an online fitness membership will help keep you accountable. You can skip the gym and work out at your own pace without lagging on your progress. You will get the help you need to avoid common mistakes in your diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

healthy weight lossWhy Choose Z Physique's Fitness Membership?

Z Physique is an online fitness membership that gives results. All of our resources are created and peer-reviewed to guarantee safety, efficacy, and suitability to each of our members.

For employers, a Z Physique membership for employees will boost productivity and promote a healthier workspace. Our focus on wellness makes us one of the top choices, be it for individual or corporate memberships.

We promote healthy weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes. Instead of trying fads, you can switch to our fitness program for safer and more guaranteed results. All of our membership plans are affordable, which allows you to stay healthy in the comfort of your own home and schedule.

effective workout plans

Why Is It Important to Have a Fitness Plan?

A fitness plan is your roadmap to wellness. It ensures that you’re headed on the right path instead of second-guessing your routines and potential results. Here at Z Physique, we offer an online fitness membership with comprehensive fitness plans that are easy to follow and execute at home.

Planning your routines also reduces the risk of injuries. Fitness plans factor in your limitations to prevent injuries that will stall your progress.

Working out too long or too short happens if you don’t have a fitness plan. This will affect your progress and even put your health at risk. If you want to know how to lose weight, you can trust Z Physique. All our fitness plans are tailored for busy schedules and individual body types. Rest assured that you will see the actual results.

Fitness plans

How do you Make an Effective Workout Plan?

Our online weight loss programs offers hassle-free workout plans you can trust so you can start losing weight right away. All of our routines are guaranteed safe, effective, and led by our fitness expert.

We pick at least one exercise for each muscle group for a holistic approach. Each exercise has pre-set reps that you need to follow to engage your muscles properly. We also add new routines regularly so you can level up your workout and keep the progress going.

To customize your workout plan, you must decide how many times a week you want to exercise. You should also set your goals to keep yourself accountable.

Above all, you shouldn’t forget to rest. This will allow your muscles to recover and become stronger than before. At Z Physique we create effective workout plans so you can take the guesswork out of fitness.