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15 Wellness Perks From Top Companies

You spend over half your waking hours at work, and often more. While many-still strive for the mythical work-life balance, others have begun to realize this mindset is unhealthy. What if instead of compartmentalizing our work days and home days, our workplaces actively strived to improve our lives? Many of the world’s top companies are realizing that you can’t relegate health and happiness to just the later half of your days.  

Companies like Nike and Microsoft have on-site gyms that encourage employees to work out in the morning, after work, or even at lunch. Due to the stress-relieving benefits of exercise both employees and workplaces stand to gain from having happy, employees who are ready to tackle the day.  

Businesses like Asana understand that health isn’t necessarily all about eating right and staying active. Their nap rooms allow employees to get catch up on sleep, get away from a busy office, or spend time alone in meditation.  

The result of these workplace benefits are happier, healthier employees who are more productive, have lower rates of absenteeism, and are able to deliver their best work for the company. In addition, their sense of work-life balance is more holistic. They are able to take time for themselves at work, reducing stress around being the ‘perfect’ employee. 

If you want to focus more on your personal health, or are on the hunt for a job with health benefits that actually excite you, check out this infographic by Turbo on the healthiest benefits from companies across the country: