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[12 Tips] to Help You Stick With Your Fitness Program

Consistency is key when it comes to getting in shape. Unfortunately, most people have trouble staying consistent, especially with exercise and healthy eating practices. Below are some quick tips to help you stay on track. Find out what you should do to stick with your healthy routine and you’ll quickly be able to take advantage of the best fitness program for you.

Start Small

Don’t rush into a new workout routine and immediately push your body to the limits. Instead, take things slow and make sure you don’t get too sore or burnt out early on. This is the best approach to any new routine. The best fitness apps around today will help you find a good starting routine to work with.

Use a Dedicated App

Using the Z FIT and Z Nutrition apps are an excellent way to follow a routine specifically for you. Our health and fitness apps help keep you accountable and committed to your new routine. You’ll have all the guidance you need, everywhere you go. This means no more excuses to skip a workout and no more guesswork in making healthy food choices.

Schedule Every Workout

Keep a detailed schedule for each workout and track whether you completed the workout or not. Keeping your schedule organized by prioritizing on a time to workout will help you build your commitment to getting fit and staying fit.

Find a Friend

A simple way to make sure you stick with the best fitness program for you is to get a friend to do it with you. This keeps both of you accountable and makes it hard to stop working out. Plus, within the Z FIT app, you can challenge your friends to a workout and make training more enjoyable.

Get Accountable Online

Join a fitness community and post workout logs or updates to other people to give you another reason to workout. People will ask about any missed days that you have, so don’t have them! And, when you’re a part of the Z Physique community you’ll be able to join an exclusive Facebook group to share encouragement, weekly challenges, and updates.

Enter a Competition

The fear of failure is a very real motivator and there’s no better way to capitalize on this to stick to a workout than entering a competition. Sign up for a race, an obstacle course event, or even a bodybuilding competition. Your natural competitive instincts will motivate to push yourself and stay committed. But remember, your biggest competitor is yourself, so do it for you and give it your best!

Invest in a Gym

Spend money on a good gym and you’ll feel obligated to use the service regularly. Don’t let your monthly membership go to waste. Everyone has to start somewhere and the more you go, the more confident you’ll be in continuing to go.

Track your Gains

Progress is one of the best ways to make you want to stick to your program. Be sure to track your starting statistics. Whether you choose to measure success by weight loss, weight gain, and physical strength, all gains should be acknowledged.

Prepare Yourself The Day Before

Set our your gym clothes and gear to make sure you are ready for the next training day. Not only will this keep you from feeling rushed, but it will also mentally prepare you for a great work out and dedication to your meal plan.

Make it Fun

In our fitness workout app, Z FIT, we offer a large video library of exercises. The app also features your own workout builder so you can combine your favorite or most challenging exercises. The more enjoyable your workout routine is, the more likely you will complete it with the most effort.

Listen to a Podcast or Audiobook

Find a new audiobook or podcast and only listen to it during your workouts. This will give you something additional to look forward to each time you exercise.

Create a Deadline

Choose a finish date for your workout goals and stick with it. Make small goal milestones to help you reach your ultimate goal. Try to become faster, stronger or slimmer by a specific date and track your progress to help you stay on track.

Staying motivated and sticking with a new workout routine is never easy to do. That’s why it’s so important to use whatever tricks you can to keep yourself motivated. The best fitness apps can help you use many of these tips and tricks and will really go a long way toward keeping you on track with your new routine. Be sure to download the Z FIT and Z Nutrition apps from our store and get started today!