10 Ways to Overcome Gymtimidation

Does the thought of setting foot in a gym induce anxiety? Gymtimidation is the fear of being judged by more experienced gym buffs for using equipment improperly, wearing the wrong workout attire or not looking fit or svelte enough. Most individuals experience gymtimidation at some point during their fitness journey, regardless of their size, strength or gender. Whether you’re a workout enthusiast or brand-new gym member experiencing this issue for the first time, here are some ways to help you overcome your feelings of intimidation and conquer your fitness goals.

Start by showing up to the gym with a plan. When you know ahead of time which equipment you want to use and what exercises you’ll perform, you can move confidently through your workout instead of feeling lost. Consider working out with a friend to make the experience less intimidating and more enjoyable. Getting your reps in while talking and sharing some laughs with a workout buddy can help you feel more relaxed and less concerned about what others are thinking.

Ease into the fitness environment by asking a personal trainer for help. A trainer can instruct you on the most effective exercises, correct form and how to properly use the equipment. Or you can sign up for a fitness class, which also can provide guided training but without the expense of personal training sessions. Another good idea is to create a playlist of inspirational or favorite songs that can help you get into the zone, tune out distractions and focus only on yourself.

Don’t let gymtimidation keep you from getting the most out of your workout. For more ways on how to enjoy the gym with confidence, see the accompanying guide.

10 Ways To Overcome Gymtimidation created by Mei Fitness