10 Ways To De-Stress Your Employees


Some jobs are undoubtedly hazardous to an employee’s health. Whether they involve potentially risky physical activity or exposure to dangerous materials, these jobs carry an obvious threat to workers’ health. Yet even jobs that don’t have an obvious health risk still can create health issues for employees in the form of stress. Even jobs void of intense manual labor or the presence of hazardous materials can be a health risk if there’s an excessive amount of stress involved. Anxiety and stress on the job not only have a serious effect on employees, but also lead to repercussions for  employers. Stress can cause employees to take time off work, meaning lost productivity. However, it can also cause experienced and tenured employees to find other employment. Such turnover leads to more lost productivity while recruiting and onboarding a replacement hire, lowered employee morale, and undoubtedly negatively impacts an organization’s ability to serve its customers. Stress is an unavoidable part of any job, which is why it’s important for employers to understand how they can help their employees deal with stress more effectively.

Creating a workplace environment that helps reduce stress can have significant positive effects for a business. Not only are employees who feel less stressed less likely to take time off, but they also are more likely to stick with their current positions. The benefits of keeping employees stress-free are numerous for employees and employers. The good news for employers is that creating a less-stressful workplace isn’t difficult and doesn’t require a significant investment. In most cases, employers can help their employees cope with stress with a few simple strategies that are minimally invasive and won’t create significant disruptions in normal day-to-day operations.

For example, simply encouraging employees to step away from their desks for a few minutes every couple of hours can be an effective way to give them a break. By taking a quick walk around the office or stepping outside for some fresh air, employees get a moment to gather their thoughts, returning to their jobs with a refreshed attitude. The following guide presents several other ways employers can help their employees de-stress. Even a “safe” job can have health risks, but there are plenty of ways an employer can mitigate those risks and enjoy greater productivity as a result.

10 ways to destress your employees infographic from The Jacobson Group
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