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10 Benefits Of Our Employee Wellness Program

Here at Z Physique, we offer employee wellness programs in Gilbert, AZ. Below, you will learn how it can benefit your company and its employees.

1. It gives employees what they want

Researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health conducted a survey. More than half of employees (59.4 percent) think employers should try to improve their health.

2. Makes for adaptable workers

Our wellness programs are designed for the well-being of workers and not just weight loss membership. According to Gallup, employees with better well-being were more likely to adapt to changes in the workplace.

3. Better work productivity

A study which appeared on the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine suggests that by improving employee lifestyle, wellness programs led to increased productivity. Based on their findings, every worker could save your company as much as $353.

4. Keeps your employees happier and healthier

Employee wellness at Z Physique includes online weight loss programs. We’ll also teach employees how to lose weight.

A study by Nutrition showed that programs which promoted healthy eating lowered depression rates. Meanwhile, Rand Health Quarterly reported that workplace wellness promoted long-term health habits. A healthy lifestyle can drastically decrease employees’ healthcare costs and risk for diseases.

The combined effects of lower incidences for depression and illness, as well as reduced healthcare costs, will surely make your employees happier and healthier. It also gives you the leverage of maintaining and attracting talented workers.

5. Reduce work-related stress

Stress impairs the overall productivity of your employees. Thankfully, a corporate wellness program in Gilbert, AZ can help reduce their stress levels.

6. Decrease company spendings

Did you know? Every dollar you invest in wellness programs saves your company $1.40 in healthcare and $4.60 in absence-relate losses. By improving your company’s employee retention, you also spend less hiring and training new recruits.

7. Boost your market value

For Wall Street investors, the hallmark of a successful business reflects on its market value. The higher it is, the better. Researchers found a link between employee wellness programs and higher market valuation.

8. Aligns employee with company goals

You don’t want employees who work only because they have to. They should work with your company’s goals in mind. The best way to achieve this is to sign up with Z Physique for a corporate wellness program in Gilbert, AZ.

According to a report by the Economy Intelligence Unit (EIU), companies under wellness programs enjoyed better alignment of employee and employer goals.

9. Strengthens ties between employees

Our workplace wellness programs almost always involve group activities. They can bring your company together and in turn, strengthen the bond between workers and improve communication. For instance, an online fitness membership allows employees to have a shared experience.

10. Build a positive company image

In a Virgin Pulse survey, 85% of employers said that wellness programs left a good impact on their company culture. What this does is create a positive business image, which then attracts clients and partners.

Here at Z Physique, we always deliver a well-rounded approach towards wellness at the workplace. With the help of our employee wellness programs in Gilbert, AZ you’ll be able to enjoy the above benefits – and more.